What No Ones Tell You About Being An IB Student!

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Hi guys, in t blog I wanna tell you about some of the things that I wish someone told me about before I enter in the Ib program.

The first time I entered my school my parents told me that I should take advantage of all the benefits that my school brought me. However, they never told me that as an IB student, my life would change so drastically and I`m not kidding.

 When the ib program began, I felt motivated and very confident that the diploma could be obtained very easily. My teachers and my parents did not stop saying that the diploma is something very easy to obtain if you dedicate yourself, and it will also help you to have an excellent future. At the begging I thong that when the time pass the things that the teachers teach us will be more easy.But ... the time passed, more and more tasks were accumulating: internal evaluations, tests, recordings, simulations and writings assignments. Do not get me wrong, I'm not complaining about all the duties that I have to do, it's just that I think a warning would not hurt.

 Here are some things that people don't tell you when you start to be part of  the IB program:

-Your hours of sleep are reduced by 75%.

-The essays are your best friends ... they never leave you

- You have free weekends..mmm I don't think so, you probably forgot some homework

-READ  ALL THE DAMM  INSTRUCTIONS OF THE TEST 1! Even if you do not believe it, there are 3 options but you must choose two and answer 5 literals ... not to do backwards. 

- Cheak both sides of the pages, is very probably that it will contain more questions.

- The school becomes your second home, because you go beyond that in your own home.

- You're not depress, you're distracted. 

You can make it! Don't get stress to much, everything will be alright you have being prepare por all of this your hole school. This is a huge step but it will help you all your life, the knowledge no-one can take off you.